Maye Mushroom Farms​
                ( 'Predicted' opening date is around Aug-Sep 2015​​​​)

Shiitake Logs available next month in May 2015​

​This will be the very first product available for purchase from Maye Mushroom Farms until officially opened for business in Aug-Sept of this year 2015.At that time you may purchase any of our other products listed.

​​​​​​​​Welcome to Maye Mushroom Farms,  New Port Richey, FL. We are a Family owned, Locally Grown, Organic Mushroom Farm specializing in Exotic, Edible Mushrooms such as White Pearl Mushrooms, Blue Oyster Mushrooms, Shiitake Mushrooms, Pink Oyster Mushrooms, Gold Oyster Mushrooms, and many more....

​​We sell many varieties of mushrooms as Gift Ideas, Hanging Baskets,
​​Grow Logs, etc. as well as Mushrooms by the pound.
Even if your not a fan of consuming Mushrooms, they are an excellent gift idea for those who do:)

​​​​All Mushrooms​​ either grown on Logs, Hanging Baskets, baskets, etc. that you purchase, will flush for you 4 or 5 times after your first harvest providing an ongoing fresh supply of Delicious, Organic,
​home grown mushrooms right in your own kitchen.


    New Port Richey, FL.